​​Ca Bulldogs ButterCup
Bossy's Willie Wonka

Breeding Date: March 15,2018

Due: May 14,2017

Ready for their home: July 16,2018

​Possible Colors:  Chocolate and Champagne
 Pups Are Here!!! 2 Females 3 Males Brindle

​​Ca Bulldogs CiCi

Breeding Date: April 3, 2018

Due: June 4, 2018

Ready for their home: August 6, 2018

​Possible Colors: These 2 Welcomed 1 healthy Blue Merle Tri. Male Pictures Coming Soon!!!ndle

​​Ca Bulldogs Crummy
TopTierBullies Escobar

Breeding Date: May 22, 2018

Due: July 23,2918

Ready for their home: September 24,2017

​Possible Colors: Blue, Blue Fawn, Blue and Tan ue Brindle

​​Ca Bulldogs Baby

Breeding Date: May 19, 2018

Due: July 20,2018

Ready for their home: September 21,2018

​Possible Colors: Blue tri, Black Tri, Blue Merle Tri, Black Merle Trie Brindle