French Bulldogs

Blue Brindle, Blue Fawn, Blue 
Range Between $2,500- $6,500

Blue and Tan, Lilac and Tan, Chocolate and Tan
Range Between $7,500-$20,000
Deposit $500-$1,000

English Bulldogs

Blue Tri, Chocolate Tri, Lilac Tri, Black Tri, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate Merle tri
Range Between $5,000- $20,000
Deposits $1,000- $3000

We accept Paypal-Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover  and Bank to Bank Wire

Process for Purchase:

 Submit an email requesting a pick (the order in which you get to choose a puppy).

Contract will be sent out  via email.

 After submitting the contract and  we receive the deposit, CA Bulldogs will then approve/sign off on your contract.

* All deposits are non- refundable